jueves, 9 de noviembre de 2006

Notícia a pàgina de HINES

Colonial Vidal Redevelopment
Puig Reig, Catalonia, Spain

The redevelopment of a 135,000 square foot, 3-level, 100-year-old textile factory and 121,500 square foot of residential space in an adjacent colony/subdivision. The factory will be converted into 106 loft apartments, a 40-room hotel and a museum visitors' center. The seven-block colony will be redeveloped to provide 118 residential units plus amenities. The property also allows for 343,000 square foot of new development, which will include an additional 307 residential units (of which 108 will be for low income housing), and additional retail and amenity uses.

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Puig Reig, Catalonia, Spain

Located in Puig Reig, Catalonia, Spain

Hines' Role

Residential Component
Additional 307 residential units added, of which 108 will be for low income housing

Net Rentable Area
559,500 sq. ft.
(51,978 sq. meters)

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